7. Advanced QGIS functions

This section gives more detailed instructions for using QGIS with GRID. This mainly entails downloading, populating and uploading GRID templates using QGIS, including a troubleshooting section with common errors. Additional functions are described from Section 7.8 onward.

7.1 Downloading and Installing QGIS
7.2 Downloading Shapefile Templates from GRID
7.3 Populating Shapefile Templates in QGIS
7.3.1 Populating Blank Template Shapefiles
7.3.2 Copying Existing Geometry to a Template Shapefile
7.3.3 Adding attributes to a Template Shapefile
7.4 Data Validation for Template Shapefiles
7.5 Preparing your Template Shapefiles for Upload
7.6 Uploading Your Data
7.7 Troubleshooting