7.07 Troubleshooting

The following table contains common errors when uploading shapefile data from QGIS to GRID. Table 3 contains example images of each error. Once an error has been corrected it is a good idea to delete the offending zip folder.

Table 2: Troubleshooting.

  Error Message
Cause Solution
1 This field cannot be null. Mandatory field has been left blank Find the blank cell in the attributes table and fill it in
2 Value ‘____’ is not a valid choice. Typo in a selection field. The spelling and punctuation must match that of the Legend, e.g. ‘good’ not ‘Good’.
3 Duplicate spreadsheet ID found __ ID field has a duplicate. All IDs must be unique. Change IDs to be unique in the Attributes table and between templates of the same activity.
4 ____ is missing the following columns: File name is different to the original. All files within the compressed folders must maintain their original name. Navigate to your folder location, rename the incorrect file accordingly, then re-zip the files.
5 Cannot find ____ Nested folder – the files have been placed in a folder and then that folder has been zipped. GRID will not recognise a folder that has been zipped. Select all the files you wish to upload and then zip them (see example photo 5).
6 500 Internal Server Error
The server encountered an error and could not complete your request.
Columns have been re-ordered or additional column/s have been added in QGIS. This can occur when running processes in QGIS or by manually adding new fields. If a process has been run on the template check no additional columns have been added to the attributes, ordering of fields/columns have not changed, etc. Remove any columns in the Attributes table that are not in Legend.xls.
7 Copying and pasting from Word, resulting in invisible special characters.
8 Geometry is not within the bounds of the Geocentric Datum of Australia 1994 Geometry was either given incorrect coordinates outside of Australia or intentionally placed overseas Only upload geometry inside of the Geocentric Datum of Australia 1994. If geometry is outside of this datum it must be manually created inside of GRID.

Examples of Common Errors

Table 3: Troubleshooting – examples of common errors.

1 error1
2  trouble2_typo1

The ‘g’ in good has been capitalised, which does not match the selection options for that field as depicted in Legend.xls

3  troubl3_ID1

IDs must be unique in the Attributes table and between templates of the same activity.

4  Testing_namechange1

The file name has been changed from Activity_Testing_Line.dbf to Activity_Testing.dbf. File names must remain the same.

5  trouble5_nested
This error is caused by compressing a folder instead of individual files:



The correct method is to select the individual files you would like and compress them:


6  Testing_ExtraColumn1

An extra column has been created (in this example, when calculating polygon areas).

This error is caused by creating geometry outside of the Geocentric Datum of Australia 1994 (shown below):

The correct method is to only upload geometry inside of this boundary. Anything outside should be manually created inside of GRID.