4.04.2 Data validation for Template shapefiles

  1. Each Template spreadsheet downloaded comes with a corresponding Legend.xls spreadsheet. This spreadsheet shows the field types and values (Selection) required for each field in the Template shapefile:


  2. Use the rules in Table 4.2, along with the Legend.xls, when populating the Template shapefile attribtues:
    Table 4.2 Shapefile Data Validation Rules for Legend.xls

    File Type/ Validation Format/ Data Entry Rule Additional Information
    String (Text) Text field up to 254 characters
    Date yyyy/mm/dd  *
    Selection Choose a value for the corresponding field name from Legend.xls The value entered must match exactly the value given in Legend.xls (i.e. “Bollard” not “bollard”)
    Number Integer or decimal
    Image Imagename.jpg Can take only one image for each record (can only be .jpg or .png files)
    File Filename.zip or Filename.pdf .zip can take multiple images or files when zipped together
    Mandatory fields Must be completed, others can be left blank Capture as much data as possible
    “ID” field (CRITICAL) Must be populated.

    Must be a unique integer.

    Must be unique between templates of the same activity.

    i.e. 1,2,3…


  3. Note: – Once data is uploaded “Area” and “Length” fields for polygons and polylines are added and calculated automatically
  4. *Note: – If using QGIS, the date formula will be YYYY-MM-DD
  5. Note:Field names for shapefiles will be truncated to 10 characters. If you are unsure of a field name when viewing shapefile attributes, see the corresponding field in the Legend.xls.