6.04.1 Export/Import Activity Schema

GRID supports the export and import of one or many activity schema using a specially formatted Excel spread sheet (.xls), so that administrators can share Activity schema configurations. A schema is the design of a data layer, and contains information about attributes and symbology applied to that layer.

As an example of how this feature would be used – one GRID instance may have a Fencing activity. The Administrator of that site can export the Fencing schema – which contains table structure and symbology settings –  and send that as a spread sheet to another Administrator (of a different GRID instance) so they can import and re-use it.

The spread sheet contains a worksheet for each activity selected, with field names and descriptions, data types, and pull-down values (where defined). The same worksheet contains all the symbology settings for that activity – including colours, hatching, shading, symbols and labelling.

To export one or more activities:

  1. Click on Admin, then select Activities.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Capture8
  2. Select one or many activities to export Capture9
  3. Click Export Selected Activities (or clicking Export All Activities will export all activities in GRID and not just the current table view).
  4. An Excel spread sheet will download to your computer. The process of downloading and opening the resulting file will vary between browsers.
  5. Open the spread sheet. The example below illustrates the different components of the exported schema. UserGuide_ExportSchema_screenshot

To import one or many activities:

  1. Click on Admin, then select Activities.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Capture8
  2. Select Import Activities and browse to the Schema file (.xls) previously exported from GRID.
  3. Choose one or many of the available activities to import from the list.
  4. Press Submit.

Note. When importing an activity with the same name as an existing activity, the new layer name will be suffixed with the time/date of the import.