2.06 Edit data

  1. Select your Project and Activity:image025
  2. The activity you select above will be automatically checked in the Table of Contents:image015
  3. Navigate to, or Search for the feature to be edited (See 2.2 Find your Survey Area for navigation tools).
  4. Ensure you are modifying the right feature by selecting the Info tool image019 and clicking on the feature. A dialog box will display with the activities attribute details.
  5. Select the feature using the Select Feature tool image018 (features will turn blue when selected):
    image048 image049 image050
    Point example              Line example         Polygon example
    Note: This tool will only work on the activity selected from the drop down list.
  6. If you are selecting multiple features, a dialog box appears. Click on the feature you want to edit and click Select.
  7. To Edit the feature click on the Create or Edit Feature tool.
  8. The nodes of the feature will appear:
    image036 image037 image038
    Point example                 Line example                Polygon example
  9. Click and drag a node to modify the shape of the feature.
  10. To delete a node, click on it so it is highlighted, then press Delete on your keyboard.
  11. Edit the attributes of the activity as necessary:
  12. When editing is complete click Save.
  13. Wait for the feedback that the save has been successful before continuing:image042
  14. To create a new feature for the same activity click New (this will de-select the feature) and then Create or Edit Feature to start creating.
  15. To delete the feature click the Delete button.
  16. To create a new feature for a different activity start from 2.1 Select your Project and Activity.