5.02 Export map (to PDF)

  1. From the Mapping and Reporting page select Map Report.
  2. Navigate to the area you would like to map.
  3. Select the layers you would like displayed from the Table of Contents:

    image083 activities

  4. Fill in the options under Map Configuration:


  5. Select the Project you would like to map (or leave blank if across multiple Projects).
  6. Give the map a Title.
  7. Select a map Layout (A4 portrait and A4 landscape are available as standard).
  8. Only the landscape layout has an inset
  9. Select a Resolution (dots per inch).
  10. Choose a Scale.
  11. You will see an orange box (showing export map extent) with blue nodes.
  12. If the entire map viewer is orange, choose a smaller scale until the nodes come into view.
  13. Choose the scale that best suites the data that you would like to map (scale sizes are preconfigured in the GRID system):


  14. You can also change the size of the map extent by dragging the nodes.
  15. You can move the entire map extent by clicking and dragging.
  16. Once all your options are set click Download.
  17. A pop up will appear (Internet Explorer), choose Save As.
  18. Save the pdf to your project folder.

    Useful tip: you can take a screenshot of the data in the Add & Edit Data and View Data web maps by clicking on the Export to image hyperlink on the bottom left hand corner of the map: