2.02 Find your survey area

In the interactive map navigate to the area where you would like to capture an activity by:

  1. Using the navigation tools found in the top right corner of the map (hover over an icon for a description of the tool).  These tools are:
    1. image017   Pan Map.
    2. image018   Select Feature (note that you can only use this tool on activities already selected from the dropdown lists – see 2.1 Select your Project and Activity).
    3. image019   Show Info (works on all features).
    4. image020   Show Fullscreen.
    5. image021   Zoom In and   image022   Zoom Out.
  2. You can also click and hold on the map to pan and use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out.
  3. Hold the SHIFT key down and click to drag a zoom square over your area of interest:image023
  4. Use the Search box to search for specific attributes within a feature (this will search all fields within an activity – i.e. “Site Name” or “Property Manager” but does not search Baselayer fields).
  5. Enter specific coordinates of a known area:
    1. Select your preferred CRS from the menu (located at the bottom of the map):
    2. Click in the XY Coordinate
    3. Type your coordinates and press ENTER.
      NOTE: The zoom extent will not change from its current extent.The map will pan to the specified coordinates.
  6. For an existing Activity you can double click on the activity in the menu and the map will zoom to that layer extent.
    zoom to activity