6.11.2 Symbolise by Attribute

Layers can be symbolised by attribute for Activities, Baselayers and My GIS layers (e.g. User layers). Use this function to give a layer a different symbology according to one field. For Activities this must be a Single Select field, but for baselayers and My GIS layers this feature can be applied to any field.

  1. Select an option from the Point/Polygon/Line Symbology Attribute drop down list.
  2. You will then be given each attribute and its accompanying symbology options (GRID will select a default choice of attribute to base symbology on).
  3. The graphic at the top of the page represents the symbology choices and is updated dynamically as you select/input values.
    Please refer to the Single Symbology page to view the terminology of each symbology option.activity_symbolise_by_attribute
  4. Add labels by choosing the Point/Polygon/Line Label Text field under the Label Style.
  5. Leave label settings as default or change as required.
  6. Click Save down the bottom of the page in order to save your symbology.
  7. You will now be able to see your activity with a legend graphic of your Symbolise by Attribute selections (Hover over this graphic to enlarge it).