6.06 Add a new general user

To add a new user to GRID:

  1. Click on Admin and People.
  2. Click Add New User.
  3. Complete the details.
  4. For Organisation, choose a value from the drop down box. If your organisation is not on the list, you will need to add it in. See 6.5 Add an organisation.
  5. If the user has an expiry date, ensure you complete the Start and End dates. (If they don’t these can be left blank).
  6. Tick the Is External box if they are an External User. External Users have different access to Internal – see 6.12 Internal, External and Public permission levels for GRID.
  7. If the user is active (still using GRID), tick the Active Unchecking this box will archive the user and they won’t be able to login but their data will remain in the database.
  8. Ticking the Email this person with their login details will send the user an email once you click Save.
  9. Click Save.