4.03 Populating template spreadsheets

This section outlines how to populate spreadsheets using point data with eastings and northings or latitude and longitude coordinates.

  1. Download the Template spreadsheet for your activity (see 4.2 Download templates)
  2. There will be two spreadsheets in the folder – one for the actual template, and one titled ‘_legend.xls’. Open the template file (the one without ‘legend’ in the title).
  3. Your spreadsheet will contain a number of columns corresponding to the fields in your Activity. Fill these out, making reference to the ‘_legend.xls’ for the requirements for each field (see 4.3.1 Data Validation for Template Spreadsheets for more information on this).
  4. If you have images you would like to include, enter the file name of the image, including the file extension (e.g. “bibralake_ducks.jpg”). These images will need to be in the same folder as the template shapefile to be zipped together for upload (see 4.3.2 Preparing your template spreadsheet for upload).