2.04 Copy feature

  1. Select the Project and Activity you want to copy a feature to:image025
  2. Make sure the feature you want to copy is selected in the Table of Contents:image015
  3. Navigate to the feature you want to copy (the feature can be from any other activity, the activity already selected or, as in this example, a background layer).
  4. Click on the Info tool. image019
  5. Click on the feature you want to copy and a popup will appear:image044
  6. If there are multiple layers, select the correct layer from the left of the Info tool:image045
  7. Click Copy Feature on the bottom of the Info tool:image046
  8. The feature you are copying will remain selected with the nodes showing:image036 image037 image038
    Point example           Line example          Polygon example
  9. Move the nodes if necessary to edit the feature.
  10. Fill in the attributes as required:image047
  11. To cancel the copy click Clear.
  12. To finish the copy click Save.