6.11.1 Single Symbology

If you are using Single Symbology the terminology is explained below:

Shape: The shape (e.g. triangle, square, etc.) of the activity if you are using a point layer.

Fill: The colour of the polygon area or point (ensure hex number starts with a #).

Stroke: The colour of the line or boundary (ensure hex number starts with a #).

Opacity: How non-transparent you want the shape to be (0.01 is highly transparent, 1 is solid).

Size: The size of the point.

Rotation: The rotation/angle of the point.

Width: The thickness of the line.

Stroke Linejoin: Options regarding the smoothness of the corners.

Stroke Linecap: Options regarding the smoothness of the edge of lines.

Stroke Dasharray: The pattern for dash or dot patterns for lines.

Stroke Dashoffset: The offset for the pattern to the right along the line.

Add labels by choosing the Point/Polygon/Line Label Text field under the Label Style.

Leave label settings as default or change as required.


Note: Pressing L on the keyboard will turn all labels on and off in the Add & Edit data and View Data pages.