5.01 Export spreadsheet or shapefile report

  1. From the Mapping and Reporting page click on XLS Export Report or Shapefile Export Report (shapefile reports cater for all activities, XLS reports only cater for point based activities).
  2. Select any one of the options from the drop down list and date selector:
  3. Click Export.
  4. A pop up will appear (Internet Explorer), choose Save As:image105
  5. Navigate to your project folder and click Save.
  6. The downloaded folder will be a .zip file.
  7. To unzip, right click on the file.
  8. Choose Extract All.
  9. The unzipped folder will appear in the same folder as the original zipped file.
  10. Along with your exported shapefile or spreadsheet activity report, you will also receive a spreadsheet called Legend.xls which explains the different field types and drop down values for the activity.