6.04 Add an activity

Activities are how you capture data within GRID. They have set geometry, field structures and symbology, all which can be added or amended by the administrator.

  1. To add an activity, go to Admin and Activities.
  2. Under Setup Activity, fill out the activity details:
    • Name: The Activity name that will be used in GRID.
    • Category: The category that your activity will be grouped under.
    • Geometry Type: The geometry type of the activity (a point, a line or a polygon). Please note that an activity layer can have more than one geometry.
    • Layer Access: What type of user will be able to see and add to this activity.
      Internal:           Only Internal users have access to this activity.
      External:           Internal and External users have access to this activity. NOTE: External users will be able to see the activities in the layers list and in the ‘Activity:’ dropdown list, but will not be able to see other users’ data on the map.
      Public:              The layer can be seen externally on a website. Also both Internal and External users have access to this activity.More details on users can be found in 6.9 Public Layers.
    • Order: The order in which the activity layer will show in regards to all the other layers in GRID – 1 indicates the very bottom layer. If layers have the same order, GRID will randomly select one to show above the other.
  3. Under Activity Fields, create the fields you would like to capture details of the activity. You must fill out all the details for the activity to be saved. To add a new field, click Create New Field and fill out the details:
    Name:             The name of your field. Keep in mind that when exporting to a shapefile, only the first 9 characters will be used in the field.
    Description:     A longer description of the field.
    Required:         If ticked, it means that the field is mandatory and cannot be saved or uploaded until this field is completed
    Type:                The type of field. The different options are:

    File Type/ Validation Format/ Data Entry Rule
    String (Text) Text field up to 254 characters
    Number Integer or decimal
    Selection A selection or drop down of values that the user must select from.
    Date A calendar date
    Yes/No Either a yes or no field
    Image Ability to upload an image (in jpeg or png format)
    File Ability to upload a zip file.
    Auto Increment Will add an incremented ID to the field. Requires a prefix (i.e. WP)
    • Activity Type: Choose your activity type.
      Activity Schema:         This is the default setting for GRID.
      Record Schema:          This is an advanced setting and should not be used.
    • Options: This is where selection field values are added. This field can only be used if Type: Selection is selected.
    • Delete: Tick this box if you want to delete the field.
  4. Once all fields are added, click Save and Setup Symbology.
  5. Amend the symbology (or shape and colour) and label for your activity.
  6. Click Save.