Enhancements wish list

As the growing GRID user community find increasing ways of leveraging the functionality of the web mapping platform, they raise interesting and valuable ways of improving the product and making it more useful for workflows in the Natural Resource Management sector.

This page is intended as a way to preview the ideas raised by other interested people like yourself, and offer you the opportunity to vote and comment on them. At Gaia Resources we can use this to help prioritise our future development activity. We’ll also combine the list with the enhancement requests that GRID champions raised when we’ve run GRID Roadmap workshops in the past.

Tell us which ones are the most valuable for your work by sending us an e-mail on grid@gaiaresources.com.au

*as at 1 April, 2018 (in no particular order)

  1. Create a GRID mobile/field data collection app [GRID-10414]: Raised at the 2017 GRID Roadmap workshop by GRID champions, this feature involves integrating with an existing mobile GIS app, or creating a basic version of GRID that could be used to collect controlled data for activity schemas directly into the main web application.
  2. Ability to archive projects [GRID-10368]: As a user I want to be able to archive/ deactivate a project so it is not visible from the Project dropdown list in the Add & Edit data page, but the project and data behind the project still remains. This is important so the Project dropdown list only contains active projects. Presently the list keeps growing in size between funding rounds when different projects are setup.
  3. Replicating colours across point, line and polygon features [SNRM-396]: For an Symbolise by Attribute configuration it would be good if the colours were coordinated. E.g. Weed control has a field called Method Used for point and area features. Would be nice if Method1, Method2, Method3 were earch the same colour in both geometries.
  4. Enhance the Program/project bounding box [GRID-10370]: The ability to archive/deactivate a project so it is not visible from the Project dropdown list in the Add & Edit data page, but the project and data behind the project still remains. This is important so the Project dropdown list only contains active projects. Presently the list keeps growing in size between funding rounds when different projects are setup.
  5. Info Tool Pop-Up styling [GRID-10377]: If a feature’s name is long and has multiple/long attribute fields this causes a usability issue wherein the user has to scroll down to the bottom in order to scroll across to see values.
  6. Metadata launch on right-click [SWCCGIS-11057]: Joanna would like to give end-users the ability to launch a metadata document by right-clicking on the layer in the table of contents.
  7. Indicate broken link for WMS base layers [SNRM-434]: Users want to see when WMS layers are not working by having an indication in the table of contents against that broken layer. At present the layer just shows missing symbology and nothing appears in the map when it is turned on. The user requires some additional form of feedback.
  8. Layer category indicates layers beneath it are turned on [SNRM-271]: As a user I want to see some indication at the category/heading level in the GRID table of contents, that a layer within it is turned on.
  9. Merge Map Report (PDF) with filtering [SNRM-428]:  Map Report functionality available in the Mapping and Reporting module should be combined with filters so as to complete the workflow from filter results through to a PDF map. The current Map Report does not have filters passed through to it, and the Generate Report feature initiated from Filters does not have a PDF map option.
  10. Increase thickness of status bar [SNRM-332]: Feedback from people is that the status bar – showing that GRID is processing a request – is difficult to see because it is too thin.
  11. Add Unique ID field to activity features and refine results display [SNRM-426]: A unique ID should be shown within the i button results, edit panel, filters, search window and other forms of data interrogation in GRID so that he can better search for particular features as part of data cleanup tasks and enquiries. Otherwise people find it difficult to locate particular features.
  12. Remove the need to click on the map before entering coordinates in the Edit panel [SNRM-427]: The current workflow for adding a point activity in the Edit panel requires the user to click on the map before pasting (or typing) a known coordinate pair into the Point Coordinates field. Typing or pasting a coordinate before clicking on the map doesn’t work.
  13. Increase GRID map real estate by moving Search function [SNRM-425]:The Search function is useful, but map real estate could be increased by moving the Search function down to the Filters tab, or in its own tab alongside Layers and Filters.
  14. Coordinate entry window clarity [SNRM-292]: Coordinates cannot be entered directly from Google maps which is one of hte main workflows. Coordinate guidance text could be improved.Depending on which CRS they choose, the guidance text should change. (e.g. Easting, Northing vs Latitude, Longitude)
  15. Apply alternative legend URL field to GeoTiffs and other layer types [SNRM-424]: The Alternative layer URL field found under WMS layer connections would be useful to be applied to GeoTiffs so he can show users a more informative legend than the default that comes when uploading a GeoTiff.
  16. Labels only work on single symbology [SNRM-386]:  Labels don’t show when a polygon layer is set to symbolise by attribute.
  17. Manage Group visibility of Fields within an Activity or Base Layer [SNRM-349]: As an Administrator I need the ability to provide a Group(s) with visibility of a full set of attribute fields from a sensitive Activity or Base Layer, while limiting the visibility of certain attribute fields to other Groups. This is so I can have confidence to publish sensitive datasets where I only want external people to see a small set of information.
  18. Unselect Search Activities [SNRM-275]: After a user applies a Search Activity extent to turn on all Activities in that rectangle, they want the ability to reset that filter (or turn off all the activities that were turned on). The issue appears to be about not wanting to then go and turn off activities individually to get back to square one.
  19. Add coordinate fields for point data [GRID-10388]: The ability to enter the exact coordinates of point data, so would like X and Y fields (decimal degree). This would be useful for entering one or two records, rather than having to do a bulk upload.
  20. Lock records for further editing [GRID-10387]: Administrator ability to lock records after reporting periods so that they cannot be edited further
  21. WMS Scale Dependency [GRID-10373]: If a WMS has a scale range dependency we should have an indicator to tell the user how far to zoom in or out. A typical way to go for this on web maps is to grey out the layer until it comes into its scale range.
  22. Retain visibility of lines & polygons at lower zooms [SNRM-467]: Unlike points, which are visible at any zoom level, lines and polygons disappear as you zoom out. We are investigating ways to have them remain visible, as many small polygons exist across the state and it would be very useful to still be able to see their existence when zoomed out.