7.06 Uploading Your Data

  1. Ensure all data validation rules have been adhered to.
  2. Click on Upload Bulk Data from the My GIS menu item:
  3. Select your Project and Activity:
  4. Select your Format of the file that you are uploading:
  5. Select Browse and navigate to your file to be uploaded. Once selected click Open.
    NOTE: Ensure all the files are contained in a zipped file – for a successful upload all shapefile templates originally downloaded for an activity must be in the final zipped file (even if they are blank).
  6. Click Upload.
  7. If the data does not validate correctly, you will receive an error message explaining the issue, and the offending record will appear.
    NOTE: Error messages are usually descriptive to what the issue is.
  8. It is good practice to delete the zip file that failed.
  9. Correct the error(s), zip the files again, and retry the upload. Common mistakes when uploading are detailed in 7.7 Troubleshooting, and include:
    o    Data in the zip file is contained within a folder
    o    Data in the zip file do not contain all the shapefile templates (if the downloaded data template contains 3 shapefiles, all 3 shapefiles need to be uploaded – even if empty)
    o    The template shapefile name has been changed (this name needs to be the same as the downloaded template name)
    o    The shapefile fields/ columns are different from the template (sometimes this occurs when a template has been updated, but a user has an old version of the data)
    o    Mandatory fields within your data have not been completed
    o    Selection fields in your data do not contain the values as specified in the data’s legend.xls
  10. You will receive feedback when the upload has been successful:
  11. Your data will now appear on GRID: