2.07 Batch edit data

  1. Select your Project and Activity:image014
  2. Navigate to the extent of all the features you would like to edit in batch.
  3. Click on the Select tool image018 in the map viewer.
  4. Click on the map to draw a square encompassing all the features you would like to edit:
  5. Release the mouse button and a Select Tool dialogue box appears.
  6. Select the individual features you wish to edit, or use Select All to edit all features (features will turn blue when selected):
  7. Click Select.
  8. Note that an Update check box appears next to all attributes on the right of the map:image054
  9. Check the box for each feature you want to update and change the corresponding attributes as required.
  10. Click Save to submit the changes or clicking Delete All will delete all selected features.
  11. Click New to end batch editing.Note: Exercise extreme caution when deleting multiple features, this information cannot be retrieved.
  12. Optional – To change multiple feature geometries into one new feature, select multiple features and then check Update Feature next to the Create or Edit Feature tools:image055
  13. Click Create or Edit Feature to create the new feature.
  14. Draw the new feature in the map viewer (See 2.3 Add data for creating features).
  15. Click Save.

Note: Use with caution as this will create multiple features with exactly the same geometry stacked on top of each other.